Food Solutions supporting Centimeter Maraton again

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Our work at Food Solutions is based on four strong principles that all contribute to ensuring a great taste in your mouth.

Food safety
As for food control, we cooperate with the most competent experts in the business. That is your guarantee that all products provided by us live up to the food regulations.

We think before we act, and sustainability is a highly prioritised consideration in our line of thought.

We are constantly searching for more organic and/or Fair Trade products to be added to our assortment. The organic brand Madame Butterfly speaks for itself.

Whenever possible, Food Solutions selects envirionsmentally friendly ways of transportation. The same goes for packaging where we focus on FSC marked cardboard and paper when it comes to packing.

We of course also care about public health. When it makes sense, we reduce the contents of sugar, salt and fat and we add whole grain to our products. The nutritional marks, the key hole and whole grain symbol are important to us and are found on several of the products in our assortment.

Food Solutions knows  that logistics are an important competitive parameter for our customers. In order to constantly keep up with the contract volumes, we do our utmost to ensure a perfectly timed production and a punctual delivery. There is no better way to minimise your risk of running out of stock.

At Food Solutions we understand service in the widest sense of the word. We are not just your supplier of quality foods. We are also your strategic business partner. That is why we endeavor to always provide you with quick feedback to inquiries and follow-ups on our work.