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Nordic Organic Food Fair takes place in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th November.

Opening hours are 10 a.m. until 5 p.m both days.

Our stand is part of Organic Denmark, andn you’ll find us at

Stand no. F20-B and F20-D.

Read more about Nordic Organic Food Fair here.

Order your entrance ticket here.

Food Solutions support Centimeter Maraton



We are proud to announce, that as from 2017 we have joined a partnership with The Child Accident Prevention Foundation (Børneulykkesfonden). The Child Accident Prevention Foundation is a non-profit organization that wants to prevent and avoid accidents among children at the age of 0-14 years. The Child Accident Prevention Foundation achieves that through a series of different campaigns and learning materials, which focus on safety among children in Denmark.

The Centimeter Maraton is one of these campaigns and is a race for kids aged 2-10 years, where the running distance is 42.195 cm (421 metres).

When the Maraton race has been completed, all participants receive a reflecting Gold Medal with BRUIN on it, as well as a diploma, a bottle of water as well as a pack of delicious whole grain sticks from Madame Butterfly.

The purpose of the Centimeter Maraton is first and foremost to give the kids the desire and motivation to be active. Accidents is one of the biggest health problems among children. Accidents are not only the leading cause of death among children aged 1-19 years but also the cause of many medical consultations and hospital visits. Every year in Denmark, approximately 165.000 children under the age of 15 experience an accident and need to be sent to the hospital. When doing the Centimeter Maraton, The Child Accident Prevention Foundation calls special attention to kids safety and how important it is to be seen in the traffic, because all the kids are dressed up in reflecting safety vests.

This is a message that we here at Food Solutions would like to spread and support. Last but not least, the total profit from the race is given to the preventive work of The Child Accident Prevention Foundation.

Read more about the Centimeter Maraton race and sign up for your child at

Madame Butterfly exhibits at the BIOFACH 2017


BIOFACH 2017 takes place in Nüremberg, Germany from Wednesday 15th till Saturday 18th February. Opening hours 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 9.a.m.-5. p.m. Saturday. If you are planning to visit this fair, we hope you will take your time to pass by our stand, so that we can tell you more about our latest novelties.

Our stand is part of the joint stand of Organic Denmark - Hall 5/5-115.


Food Solutions is moving

Stavneagervej 22









On January 16th we will move to our new headquarter at Stavneagervej 22, still within the postal code of 8250 Egå.

Meet us at the Nordic Organic Food Fair


Nordic Organic Food Fair takes place in Malmö on 16th and 17th November.

You will find us at Stand F20-4 and F20-5.

Read more about Nordic Organic Food Fair here.

Order your entrance ticket here.

Fabulous fibres



Madame Butterfly is the safe choice when you want a good taste and a clean conscience on the table or in the packed lunch. Many of the products are packed in small portion packs so they are easy to pop into the school bag. One little bag of crispy Fuldkornsstave (whole grain mini grissini) covers 1/3  of the daily recommended intake of whole grain for 4-10 year old children.


Food Solutions wishes you a happy Easter


We wish you all a happy Easter and hope you will find some of our organic biscuits, crisp breads or wholegrain breadsticks at a Easter luncheon.

Food Solutions will attend Food Expo 2016

Madame Butterfly love øko

When Food Expo 2016 opens its doors in Herning, Denmark March 6th to 8th Food Solutions will be there.

You can find us in booth 4087 in Hall E which will be dedicated to ecology and organics.

You can read more about Food Expo 2016 and print your ticket here:



Gluten-free on the go

There are days where you are busy and everything has to go a bit fast. Such days can cause extra stress for people on a gluten-free diet. Cakes and cookies are tempting everywhere but luckily it has now become easier to fight the temptations. Madame Butterfly has launched goodies that are real treats and cares for dietary needs.

Madame Butterfly is known for organic, high quality products at consumer friendly prices. The butterfly in the logo is a reminder of the fact that organically grown fields have twice as many butterflies as conventionally grown fields. The freedom and purity is now being taken to a new level and a new range of gluten-free products is now on the shelves (in the supermarkets).

If you are on a gluten-free diet you know how important it is to follow the diet. You also know how big a hassle it can be. Days where a quick snack is needed are just easier for people who are not on a gluten-free diet. Madame Butterfly now offers you the possibility to bring your very own gluten-free snack-bar when you are on the go. Wrapped in single-serving bags, these products can be eaten anywhere, anytime.

Gluten-free, light, airy and crispy crunchy crisp bread

The combination of rice and corn tastes of sunshine, while buckwheat offers a deep nutty taste – both with a perfect balance between salt, sweet and crispy. They are wrapped in bags with 4 slices and these crisp bread treats are ready be enjoyed right here, right now. Just like Madame Butterfly’s other products the crisp breads are of course organic.

Gluten-free and organic Crispy Rolls – when crisp meets sweet

We have wrapped crunchy rolls of rice flour and cocoa around the softest and sweetest cocoa-hazelnut-cream. Crispy meets sweet in these Crispy Rolls which offer pampering without any gluten. The box offers 5 practical bags with 2 rolls each – perfect for the packed lunch, the picnic, the car – or as an accompaniment for ice cream.

The gluten-free products from Madame Butterfly are the first in Denmark to be certified with the Crossed Grain Logo. The products are in permanent assortment in Bilka at an estimated sales price of DKK 16,95 for Crisp Bread and DKK 25,95 for Crispy Rolls.


For more information:
Director Kristian Lauridsen / 2627 2256 /
Food Solutions ApS
DK- 8250 – Egå Havvej 21



Food Solutions ApS gives hints to whole grain. It is about improving public health. This way of thinking is also the reason we recently entered the Danish Whole Grain Campaign which gives Food Solutions even more influence on the health agenda and the consumers’ options.

-Nothing has been taken out, the name says it all: whole grain is stuffed with all the good things the grain contains: Dietary fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is crazy to leave out whole grain! That’s the attitude if you ask the director of Food Solutions Kristian Lauridsen. By entering the Danish Whole Grain Campaign Food Solutions can now put the consumer-friendly whole grain symbol on our whole grain products, which makes the healthier choice fast and easy for the consumer.

Whole grain as fastfood
It is the fewest of us who has the urge for mental arithmetic at 4.30 with a screaming child next to you. Products with the whole grain symbol now give the consumers a healthy conscience on the spot. The hint is an orange circle, a happy person holding a grain in his hand and the text “Vælg fuldkorn først” (in English: “choose whole grain first”). It does not have to be harder than that:

-The Whole grain symbol tells you that the product you are holding in your hand contains all parts of the grain. Flour, grains and rice have to contain 100% whole grain calculated on the dry matter in the product, bread needs 50% and for crisp bread and pasta the minimum limit is 60% whole grain.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recommend that we eat at least 75 grams of whole grain each day and Food Solutions has many good hints as to how to get your whole grain intake. Look after the brands Madame Butterfly and Happy Cooking and you will find a large range of whole grain products: spaghetti, fusilli, penne, whole grain buns, cut rye, whole grain rye flour, spelt kernels, spelt galettes – and now also whole grain sticks and whole grain crisp bread.

For more information:
Director Kristian Lauridsen / 2627 2256 /
Food Solutions ApS
DK-8250 – Egå Havvej 21

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